dinsdag 12 juni 2012

WOGE #349

Hi all,
Where on google earth is a fun game for those who want to relax and enjoy the wonders of our beautiful planet. 
Felix's last WoGe #348 showed us the cute Toa-Rusyr Caldera in the Ochotsk Sea (Russian-Japanese border). This volcanic island belongs to one of the Kuril Islands: coordinates: 49°21’N and 154°43’E. There are so many things to find about the Kuril islands: volcanism, seismicity,... check it out. 
As WoGe#348 was my first WoGe-win, I don't know how many places already have been visited. Therefore let me know if the next picture is a difficult spot to find. 
Goals for this game are summarised here
Find the spot, tell us the location and describe the geology and then the next win is yours!

Scott rule is not applied. So shoot!
Good luck!!
Cheers Koen

Here it is:
WoGe #349

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  1. Koen: if you want to check all the previous WoGE's there is a link to a kmz-file with all locations on my WOGELIX "Blog". Top right "WOGE.kmz up to #xxx".
    I think your first WoGE picture is a perfectly chosen location.

  2. Koen, congratulations! Felix provides an overview of all the WoGEs in history. Check the KMZ here: http://woge-felix.blogspot.be/ (upper right).
    Now I am going to search the globe...

  3. 34.058N, 116.163W

    A beautiful exposure of Mesozoic plutonic rocks of the Little San Bernadino Mountains in Joshua Tree National Park, California. The prominent white unit is the White Tank Quartz Monzonite, intrusive into the darker grey units A, B, and C of the Palms Quartz Monzonite (Geologic Map). Lovely jointing patterns are differentially weathered and the spheroidally weathered granite here is locally known as the Wonderland of Rocks.

  4. Hi Ron, you found it! Well done, sorry for the late reaction, I was on the field... The Joshua Tree NP is indeed a beautiful piece of nature, especially because of the prominent joint patterns. I enjoyed driving and hiking through the park some years ago.
    Next WoGe is yours!
    cheers, Koen